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The Scoop on a 401Kitten or 401K9

We know how it is. You love pets, but it's not the right time to adopt. You want to make a difference in the community, but don't know where to start. Good news—we have the purrfect solution. Open a 401Kitten or a 401K9 from PAWS Atlanta, and invest in the future of pets. Setup is easy: pick your funds, allocate your monthly investment, and see immediate returns on real-life happiness—for you and Atlanta’s pets.

Why Invest?

The Benefits


  • Little Paws
  • Second Chance
  • Quality Care
  • Spay & Neuter

Little Paws

Every year, PAWS Atlanta is overwhelmed by litters of abandoned puppies and kittens. These tiny babies require 24/7 bottle feedings and monitoring, special food and formula, multiple immunizations, antibiotics and more to keep them from getting sick before their immune systems are strong enough on their own.

Your investment in the Little PAWS Fund will yield dividends of extra time, attention, and round-the-clock resources so that these babies can grow up to find happy, loving homes. $25/month vaccinates a litter of seven puppies

2016 Projected impact


Little paws rescued

& ready for adoption



Second Chance

We see it far too often: people leave their cats and dogs behind when they move, drop them at our door when finances get tough, or surrender them when they’re just not “a good fit” for their family anymore. Even though it puts a huge strain on our resources and dedicated staff, we take in as many as we can—and give them food, love and training—because we know we’re their last hope.

When you invest in the Second Chance Fund, you’ll get a real-life return by seeing these once-loved pets get another shot at the happiness they deserve.$25/month covers admission for six surrendered pets

2016 Earnings outlook


To make

second chances




Quality Care

Our top priority is the health and happiness of our cats and dogs. Which, of course, takes a lot of money to keep up. We have maintenance costs for our facilities. Costs for food, grooming, and other everyday needs. We provide routine medical care to the pets in our shelter, plus discounted vet services to the public. We even take on expensive emergency treatments like cataract surgery, torn ACL repair, and heartworm treatment to save pets who might otherwise be euthanized.

As your investment in the Quality Care Fund grows over time, it ensures that every member of the PAWS family has what they need to thrive.$25/month provides X-rays for four injured dogs or cats

2016 Projected value


For everyday




Spay & Neuter

Each year, nearly three million healthy pets are euthanized in shelters across the country, simply because there isn’t enough space to keep them until they’re adopted. As one of the oldest no-kill animal shelters in Georgia, we’re working to control the local pet population by spaying and neutering our shelter animals, offering low-cost services to the public, and educating the community to create more responsible pet owners.

The gains from your investment in the Spay & Neuter Fund will directly reduce the number of homeless pets and heartbreaking euthanizations across Atlanta.$25/month spays or neuters six cats or three dogs

2016 forecasted return



Spayed or neutered



Petformance Trends


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Donations to PAWS Atlanta via “investments” in a 401Kitten or 401K9 Fund are not purchases of stock or shares in PAWS Atlanta or any other company. Projected Impact calculations and Petformance updates are based on general PAWS fundraising goals for 2016 and are subject to change. Donations are not a guarantee of any return or dividend, financial or otherwise (although happiness is extremely likely).